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Firefighters 1

Firefighting gloves

Firefighting gloves belong, like the firefighting suit and firefighting boots, to the basic package of the firefighting equipment. It is of the utmost importance to offer a maximum protection for the hands against external and dangerous influences.


Industry 4

Industrial gloves

High-end industrial gloves for a wide range of branches and applications. Check our standard range, or request your own project.


Military 3

Tactical military gloves

Tactical gloves and Kevlar gloves belong the the basic equipment of a good soldier. The gloves are the most important part for maximum protection of the hands. Request your project, or check our standard range.

Police - Security

Police - Security 2


The heroes of the street deserve the best protection! We offer a wide range of police glove solutions for patrol, prisons, security, law enforcement and customs.


Rescue 5

Rescue gloves

We can offer solutions for rescue operations in the air, by land and at sea; going from firefighting gloves and firstaid up to rescue workers and rescue operations inland and abroad.

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Tailor made products as well as standard range of high-end gloves. Ask for your solution!