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Masters of Gloves

What we can we offer you?

"Your glove"!

Masters of Gloves is manufacturer of high quality gloves for different niche industries.

Next to our own range of specialised gloves we can offer you tailor made solutions for a wide variety of specific problems, requests or demands in your branch of industry.

The years of experience, knowledge and in-house craftmanship have led to the result that we can offer different high-end solutions for your specific request.

Our specialisation goes to police glovesfirefighting glovesarmy glovessecurity glovescustoms and prisonsspecialised and durable industry gloves and solutions for different branches in rescue and safety.

Tailor made solution or from our own range

Are you looking for a specific solution for your problem?
Don't look any further!

Next to our extended range of specialised and high-end gloves, we can also offer you tailor made glove solutions for different branches!

  • Looking for a Kevlar glove for your local or national police corps?
  • Want to find a heat resistant firefighting glove?
  • In need for a new tactical Kevlar glove for the army with maximum protection?

Contact us for your solution!

Newest technologies

During the production of the gloves we are always looking for the newest and best technologies and raw materials available on the market. 

The OutDry® membranes, used in the firefighting gloves, make sure that the gloves are perfectly waterproof.

Alycore technologie in the CPN policegloves offers maximum protection against needles and sharp objects of any kind.

CO² cleaning is highly put in the picture at Masters of Gloves because of its many positive characteristics and the deep cleaning of the glove.

Next to a wide variety of technologies, we also use the strongest materials of the highest quality. In dialog with the producers of the fabrics, we often look for tailor made solutions for each glove and/or customer.

"Your gloves!"

Tailor made products as well as standard range of high-end gloves. Ask for your solution!