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CO² cleaning

The laundry washing is more and more replaced by the more profound CO² cleaning, for many reasons!

We have developed our own system for the CO² cleaning of gloves: Deco2Glove.

CO² cleaning advantages

CO² cleaning is the future of the deep cleaining of personal protection materials (PPM). 
It is in everybody's interest for doing your profession safe and with maximum protection, and that's where CO² cleaning comes in the picture!

The advantages at a glance:

  • CO² cleans more deeply than a regular washing machine
  • The majority of the toxic particles, that are rooted deeply into the fabrics, are removed
  • No use of water
  • Removes bad fragrances because bacteria are killed
  • Safe for the environment > no polluted water
  • Without drying process
  • Circulation time (between pickup and delivery of the cleaned gloves) max. 72 hours
  • Own programme to request your CO² cleaning: Deco2Glove

Why CO² cleaning?

In many branches, among which firefighting, army, police, rescue and industry, there is a lot of contact with heavy toxic materials that are very dangerous for the overal health.

Until today, this problem was heavily ignored. Luckily nowadays people are more and more aware of the hazardous materials that can be spread during a fire, and how deep that particlas can root on the skin.

The first line of protection starts with a correctly fabricated firefighting glove to prevent the dangerous particles from touching the skin, after which a precise cleaning of the glove is necessary to form the second base of defense.

This is where CO² cleaning gets in the picture. The chart hereby shows the big difference between deep cleaning with CO² compared to the regular laundry where water is used, and the amount of particles that are really removed.

The process of CO² cleaning

  1. Transportation + scanning of the products
  2. Decontamination + disinfection
  3. Stain removal
  4. Inspection
  5. Reimpregnation
  6. Repairs (if necessary)
  7. Certification
  8. Packaging and return to client

"Your gloves!"

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