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CPN (Cut Puncture Needle): cut-, sting- and stabprotective gloves.

By using the Alycore technology we can offer multiple solutions for a wide variety of industries with a high risk of stab, sting and puncturewounds; going from police and rescue to heavy industry and construction.

CPN-mesh technology - a metal spiderweb

A metal spiderweb.

That's how you can describe the technology behind CPN. The multifunctional Cut/Puncture/Needle gloves are going to revolutionize your branch and will create a reliable, flexible and comfortable protection.

The unique CPN technology consists of multiple steel alloys forming a material that looks like a thin metal grid. It is formed layer by layer to provide a maximum of protection.

CPN can be compared with a bulletproof vest. The bullet gets caught up in the wires of the vest to protect the body against shotwounds. The same happens when sharp objects are used against Alycore.

CPN products

"Your gloves!"

Tailor made products as well as standard range of high-end gloves. Ask for your solution!