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The patented waterproof membranes are used in several MoG gloves.

The membrane is a unique product that allows the lamination of all layers, while still keeping the gloves thin and light with maximum protection against water penetration and maximum breathability.

How it works

The membrane prevents moist and dirt from penetrating the glove, while the hands can still breath.

A. The layers of the gloves are laminated together. The outer layer is the external fabric used in the glove, which is usually the fabric taking in all the moist and dirt.

B. The use of the waterproof membrane prevents the moist, dirt and possible harmful materials from further penetrating the glove.

C. A membrane is elaborated in a way that the hands can still breathe and thus releasing moist instead of taking it in.


The use of waterproof membranes allows all layers of the gloves to be laminated together.

Laminating layers automatically means you have thin glove, that brings along a lot of advantages:

  • Thin gloves
  • Minimal weight
  • Maximum of waterproofness, and still breathing
  • No heat transfer (at firefighting gloves) because there is no formation of a waterchannel between the layers and as a result the heat cannot reach and burn the skin of the hand

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